29 January 2010

Hello .... Remember Me?

Yes it's me, the one that used to be on here regularly and update this blog. Don't ask what happened, time flew by, Christmas came and went, the snow came and went and here we are at the end of January. Oh and this happened too:

It's now 24 weeks and the new addition to the family should be with us at the end of May.

I've been busy busy busy with fairs before Christmas, some great, other not so great (not to say disastrous) but overall I've learnt which ones are better and which ones I should better avoid. I really enjoy doing the fairs but because of bump and then babe I'll be doing less this ear and concentrating more on my website and others that feature my products. There as well I have learnt which ones are better to use and which ones aren't.

Before Christmas I also indulged in some serious fabric porn shopping, I'll post some images tomorrow. Brace yourself and hide your credit card, because I'll also be telling you where you can find them.

Latest additions to the shop: aprons.


So tell me, are you still with me?