15 November 2012

Craft Festival

Yep that's where I'll be this Sunday. To say I am a little snowed under right now trying to get things ready is an understatement. I am considering a 48 hour computer ban .... wish me luck! There will be lots of fabulous people exhibiting, I am hoping to get a bit of Christmas shopping done myself. If you're in the area on Sunday come and say hello. And remind me not to spend all my money. Thanks!

10 November 2012

It's been a while

Over a year in fact. But at the time it just didn't feel right. And now it does. Maybe because over the last weeks I have spent a bit more time taking photos trying to 'capture the moment', and somehow it makes sense to keep some sort of a diary of what is going on in our daily life somewhere. So without further ado, let's give this another go.

If you're shaped like a little lollypop man (also known in this house as a 'skinny minny') and you have spent an hour running around on a football pitch on a cold November morning, then it is perfectly alright to tuck into this afterwards. And if you're a loving mother, then it is perfectly alright to help you finish it.

15 June 2011

Work In Progress

I have spent the last week cutting scores of fabric into squares so I can finally starting making my patchwork blankets. It's great fun then arranging them into the final designs. Here's a preview of the very first one, many more are to come.

30 May 2011

Patterns Galore

First of all: this is not an offical product review, i.e. I have not been asked to review the following products or been offered anything in return for this. In fact I will never use this blog for any official product reviews, because this is not what this blog is for. So the following is purely something I came across and wanted to share.

I am not a huge magazine reader, they often just end up in a big pile beside my bed and eventually with huge delay I manage to get through them. But when I found myself in a newsagent's a couple of weeks ago with a few minutes to spare, I browsed through all the craft magazines that were for sale and two in particular caught my eyes, so I bought them - and have been very pleasantly surprised:

Both magazines offer a great selection of various craft projects, some of them I will be trying out myself soon. And amongst the advertisements I found a link to the Coats Crafts UK website, which features a large selection of free patterns for knitting, crochet, stictching and sewing. I am particulalry interested in all the patchwork patterns as that is next on my list so I can start using up my fabric scraps. What's on your list?

25 May 2011

Colour Sorting

I bought this lovely wooden box on Sunday. 

In the shop it was sold as a Tea Box, which sounds lovely but you would need to be a regular tea afficionado and also have the space to display the box in your kitchen somewhere, which I don't.

So what should I use it for?

Thread reels?



19 May 2011

Family Market with Peas and Pods

So I've finally signed up for my first event here in Ireland and it will be right on my doorstep! I am really looking forward to it.

Peas and Pods also hold a family market on the second Sunday of the month at the Dublin Food Co-op, the next one is coming up on June 12th. More details about them can be found here on their website or on their Facebook page.

7 May 2011

Every Girl Deserves A Dress

At the moment I tend to work on four or five projects at the same time - not something I recommend! I have also started signing up for a few events here in Ireland over the coming months so really need to get my act together and start working on my stock. But before that there was something else I had to do. A few weeks ago Louise from
Sew Scrumptious wrote about the charity action Every Girl Deserves A Dress. I couldn't help but feel inspired and so decided to take part. In the process I also convinced my mother, who is a very talented lady, to take part and this is the result: four gorgeous little dresses that will go in the post on Monday.

Let's hope they will bring a little sunshine in some girls' lifes, wherever in the world they may be.