26 February 2010

When The Unexpected Happens ....

Three weeks ago we decided that we'd had enough of the cold and that a short break somewhere further South would do us good. As always thanks to the internet, flights and holiday home were quickly found, and last Tuesday we were on our way to the Costa Tropical in the South of Spain for a week. My pregnancy, then at 26 weeks, was without complications so off we went ....  And then it happened on Sunday morning: my waters broke. Dash to the first hospital, referral to the second, and here I am now 5 days later flat out on my hospital bed in Malaga. Luckily so far baby decided that it was better to stay put but we will now be here until further notice. If all goes well and no complications, labour will be induced at 34 weeks so another 7 weeks to go of keeping my legs well crossed.

To say that this was a shock is an understatement, but we are slowly building a little life here - well when I say we it's really my other half who has been absolutely amazing rushing around organising thing whilst always being here by my side when it mattered. Luckily he can do his work from here so doesn't have to go back home, and we've now also found a nursery for the little man that he'll go to for a few hours every day as from next week. He'll be fluent in Spanish soon ....!

So the frogs+sprogs shop is taking a break until further notice, I'll still update the blog because I have a feeling it'll do me good to write a little bit from time to time. But the focus will have changed a little. And I finally have time to read up on everyone else's blog!

12 February 2010

Blankets, blankets and more blankets ....

So the sun finally DID make an appearance and I got to take all the photos I needed of the new blankets which are now in the shop. I am trying to pick a favourite but simply can't - I think baby no.2 will have A LOT of blankets ...

10 February 2010

7 February 2010

Fabrics and more fabrics

As I said in my last post, before Christmas and in the last two weeks I spent some time on my favourite fabric websites and a few days later these arrived:

Most of them have already been turned into lovely soft and snuggly blankets, all I need now is the sun to come out so I can take photos of them .... phew!

And here is where I sin:

Fabric Rehab

Saints and Pinners

Fabric Inspirations

Celtic Fusion Fabrics


M is for make

I have also used the months of January to have a good clean-up in my fabric stash and use up all the fabric scraps, the result of which are lots of new crayon rolls and bibs (still to be finished). It's been a busy month!

Now I just need more time to put them onto the website .... there definitely aren't enough hours in the day!