5 August 2009

Time For A Drink

This household is getting ready for a rather big party this week-end with the little man's christening (I know, he's nearly 2 1/2, it was about time) and my birthday, and so far the weather forecast is looking good. I'm squeezing in as much sewing as I can but I fear there won't be much done from 2pm tomorrow until Monday morning. But remember my baby shoe post here .... well ladies and gentlemen, today I give you, ....... ta daaaa, 35 pairs of shoes. Whohooo!!!

I've also had quite a few orders for monogram sleepsuits, here's just one of them.

And finally the magnetic blackboard in the kitchen is being put to good use - thank you once again to the dear friends who gave Luca the fridge phonics (I know you're out there ;-) He loves them.

I feel I deserve a drink or two this week-end. Which brings to my favourite summer time drink, but more of that tomorrow. For now I need to go and have another one get some sleep.

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