7 February 2010

Fabrics and more fabrics

As I said in my last post, before Christmas and in the last two weeks I spent some time on my favourite fabric websites and a few days later these arrived:

Most of them have already been turned into lovely soft and snuggly blankets, all I need now is the sun to come out so I can take photos of them .... phew!

And here is where I sin:

Fabric Rehab

Saints and Pinners

Fabric Inspirations

Celtic Fusion Fabrics


M is for make

I have also used the months of January to have a good clean-up in my fabric stash and use up all the fabric scraps, the result of which are lots of new crayon rolls and bibs (still to be finished). It's been a busy month!

Now I just need more time to put them onto the website .... there definitely aren't enough hours in the day!


M is for make said...

Wow - you have been busy, those crayon rolls are so pretty!

frogs+sprogs said...

Thank you. Am off to sing up for your newsletter now :-)

frogs+sprogs said...

Obviously I meant sign up ..