8 September 2009

5 Things .... And My First Free Give-Away

Today I feel a bit like this:

Because ...

5 Things I Am Doing At The Moment

- filing bills, invoices, bank statements
- tidying my desk and slowly trying to reduce the number of messages in my inbox
- emptying the suitcase from a week-end away, washing + folding laundry
- tidying the house
- emptying the garage of all items for this week-ends car boot sale

A-List-Of-Things-That-Could-Go-On Forever Of Things I'D Rather Like To Do

- make more baby blankets
- make a new nappy bag since we've lost ours
- make a wallet/organiser for my bag
- think about new curtains for Luca's room or amending the current ones
- work on my webshop
- look at fabrics
- watch a nice movie
- read blogs

I think I should have my own reward chart where for every task accomplished I'm allowed 30 minutes with my sewing machine - the problem is only that once I start it's hard to stop. Last week I was all set to go for a run and just quickly went upstairs to check on a fabric and before you know it, I came out an hour or so later with this:

My first baby blanket. And because I wasn't really supposed to be there doing just that, I've decided that this will be my first free giveaway. If you think that you should be the lucky receiver of this gorgeous soft blanket, post a comment with the reason by Thursday 17 September, the winner will be chosen at random by myself at 13.00pm UK time. The blanket has a cute owl design with pale pink, blue, yellow and blue owls on a white background, and a super soft pink fleece on the other side. It measures 31x39 inches.


Anonymous said...

Adele should get the baby blanked because it will be the ONLY one like it in Montezuma GA, and because she will give it to one of her pregnant guests that have become like family to me!

Perfectly Happy Mum said...

That looks lovely! Unfortunately my babies are too big for it but I have tweeted it :) Are you on twitter BTW? you can find me at www.twitter.com/perfhappymum & amothersecrets

Claire1982 said...

I would like the baby blanket as I have no sewing skills whatsoever, I cannot even sew on a button, so it would be nice for my littleun's to have a handmade blanket that I can then pass on to my girlfriends when they have babies too! Although it would be very tempting to pass off said blanket as my own work, they all know how bad I am at sewing due to all the Needlework classes we attended at secondary school!

Hows the paperwork going?

cartside said...

It looks adorable! My daughter is a bit too old for this though so no need to enter me in the competition.

Sew Scrumptious said...

I'd love the blanket for my friend Kate who is having a baby in November. Shes a nurse and works in A&E and so deserves something nice. I know I could make one but it would be lovely to give her something not made by me!

Sarah said...

My friend Kirsty should have the baby blanket as she's just given birth to a beautiful baby boy. With two other children under 6 she deserves a gift so if I won I'd give it to her and little Alex.

felicit12 said...

My niece should have the baby blanket because she is going to have her first child this winter and this blanket will help keep new baby warm and toasty. If I win, I will give it to her with your compliments.

frogs+sprogs said...

Oh you all have great reasons, makes me want to do loads more :-)

PHM - hate to admit but no I'm not on twitter ... yet. It's lurking but I just really haven't found the time yet, I know I probably should.

Perfectly Happy Mum said...

Oh yes twitter is time consuming! I think that to promote what you do it is a great place :)

Kelly said...

Oh that is beautiful, would love to enter but as I have a baby boy it would be better that someone else does. Has given me an idea for making some myself, in a more boy friendly colour! If I can ever find the time with a new baby that is!

Sandy Calico said...

Wow, I'm so impressed, or should that be sew impressed?! I would love to be able to make gorgeous things. Please enter me into the competition. If I win I will give the blanket to my dear friend who is pregnant at her fifth and final IVF attempt.

frogs+sprogs said...

I know have one of these blankets with pink fleece and one with blue so can send the appropriate one out :-)

TZel said...

I would love to have this blanket for my dear friend Sara who is expecting very soon- thank you very much!

Shooting Stars Mag said...

oh wow, this is so so cute. I hope I can enter, as I'm from the U.S. but I'll try anyway. I think I should win this because I love blankets, anything related to baby's and my friend is even having one in a month or even sooner, and I can't make things for my LIFE so I need someone else to do it for me. :)

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com