2 September 2009

Bag Lady

A mother's bag can contain a wealth of hidden treasures. My son knows this, every time we're out and he starts rooting through my bag like a little animal, I know he's hungry because he knows there is always a little treat in there for him. Unfortunately my bag also contains A LOT of other things ... as of this morning the list is as follows: One purse, one diary, two lipsticks, a pack of chewing gums, a crayon roll, one envelope with cards, one babybel, one nail polish, an endless number of receipts, one pair of sunglasses, one case in which the pair of sunglasses should be but aren't, one packet of Oaties, two toy planes, two packets of tissues, one passport in case I want to run away from it all, one mobile phone, one digital camera, three pens, one concealer, one packet of raisins, two stale biscuits, a toddler water beaker, one muslin ... Just imagine if I had a bag like this, all the things I could carry around with me!!!

But the problem lies in two items - the toddler water beaker and the digital camera. Because the toddler beaker keeps emptying itself in my bag. Now the inside of my bag is water proof which is great in theory, but in reality it means that two weeks ago my digital camera had a little swim .... and then sadly died. This week-end I purchased a new camera and I thought I should really give it it's own bag. The sensible voice says to buy one of those really functional camera cases but the creative voice says 'No No think of all the lovely fabrics in your fabric stash, there are some that you've always wanted to use' so there I am now trying to make a bag for my camera. I haven't got a tutorial so god knows what the end result will look like but I've decided to make two little bags for my handbag with these lovely fabrics.

And if they do turn out well my poor family will be getting lots of bags for Christmas. Only 114 days left, did you know that?


Domestic Rebel said...

love that you have a babybel in your bag!

frogs+sprogs said...

Hmm yes I don't want to know how old it is though ...