22 March 2011

Another Swap? What was I thinking?

Well I just couldn't resist. It's the same every time - whenever I need a little kick to get my creative gears in move again, I find a swap. I don't even remember why or how, but the other night whilst surfing from blog to blog, as you do, I landed on the incredibly creative blog of ihanna, and ever the sucker for creativity that I am, I instantly fell for the Postcard Swap 2011. I have a few ideas but nothing started yet, but fact is that by April 8th, I have to have 10 completed postcards. I've never tried sewing on paper so might give that a try. Unfortunately registration is closed now but do keep an eye out for the results, I think it'll be fabulous, check out last year's cards here.

Better get started!


Jane Cabrera said...

Hello and very Happy swopping to you...isn't exciting! Jane

iHanna said...

I look forward to see or read more when you've started to make your cards, I hope you have fun when creating.

Take care!