1 April 2011

Postcards Part 2 Or Meet The Queen of Selvedge

There I was trying to figure out other designs for my postcards when I came across this blog where a lovely lady called Karen gives you all sorts of ideas about quilting and also what to do with selvedge, and she has a fabulous tuorial on how to make selvedge postcards. So now I have turned into the Queen of Selvedge ...

But I had great fun finishing my postcard project. I'm quite sure I will be making many more of these in the future.

Time to get them to the post office and start working on my next project.

P.S. This post has been edited - there seems to be conflicting opinion as to how to spell selvedge and I have now adopted the latter version. I'm sure every version is a little bit right.


M said...

They look great! I've been doing sewn paper strips (just blogged about it a couple of days ago), and I love that look of the strips of different colors and patterns. They have ALL turned out really nicely!

Andria said...

(By the way, I left that comment above; not sure why it just says "M". Oops!)

iHanna said...

Thanks for sharing, your postcards are beautiful and I ♥ that pile of selvedge fabric. I save some too, though I need to try doing one of these postcards. What fun!

Take care!

Angela said...

Hallo, selvedge-queen,
I love the idea of your postcards, and I am waiting for one !

Marit said...

Hi Beatrice.
Thank you for the great postcard I got today. I love it.
This is my first one from the swap.
Thanks again. :)
Take care.

TJ said...

I love the diagonal strips! These cards are lovely. I have no idea how to SAY or SPELL that seldvage word. Argh! I tried to find some in Germany without knowing the word for it here either. It was a tragic and disastrous trip to the fabric store.

Sewers across the globe should unite and get rid of that word!!
Best wishes, tj

frogs+sprogs said...

LOL tj, yes I'm sure you didn't find any there. Just been reading your blog, love it.

EWian said...

These looks grate. Fun to see how you used your fabric.


Karin said...

Hi Beatrice,
I was so lucky to get a postcard from you. Thank you ever so much.

Bridgit said...

I just received my postcard today (the one with the bird). It's even prettier in person!

Carlin said...

I received one of your cards yesterday and absolutely love it. It's impossible not to smile looking at your bright and cheery cards!

Thank you!