15 July 2009

Heat Wave Predicted For This Summer!

Heat wave? What heat wave!? It seems like winter out there! It's mid-week, the little man decided that nap after lunch was a no-no so to pass the time a little quicker, we went to our favourite cafe for a little it-should-be-summer-but-it's-awful-outside treat.

Just to make it clear - he did NOT get a treat for not sleeping at lunch time .... His bed recently changed from a cotbed to a junior bed and whilst it all started well (in fact he loved it), it's going downhill at the moment with him going pretty mad whenever we tell him it's time to sleep and he refuses to lie down. I'm not sure who was more traumatised tonight, him or me, but in the end he went to sleep and I went to get a glass of wine so it was win-win ... well for me. If anyone knows how to get through this phase a little quicker - I'm open to suggestions.

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