27 July 2009

What's That You Say?

Luca's vocabulary is coming on leaps and bounds but he does tend to repeat words .... A LOT. So here are, in descending order, his favourites (he has said some of these in his sleep, but I won't count those):

10) Bubbles ... after he was given a bubble machine last week, about 25 times a day
9) Mama Dada Guca ... in various combinations. Often it is just Maaaaamaaaaa
8) Up .... so he can press the button on the coffee machine, operate the toaster, open the door, lock the door, look inside the microwave, look out the window, open the fridge, look inside the fridge, you get the point
7) Bread .... after he has said 'up' enough times and is now sitting on the kitchen top next to the toaster
6) More .... after he has been popping slices of toast endless times in the toaster
5) Cookie ... after he gets bored of bread
4) Horsie .... for no particular reason
3) Milk ... this becomes a favourite by late afternoon
2) Noddy .... always in combination with the latter, in Luca's world one always comes with the other

and at

no 1) Oh no ... About twice every minute, which on a basis that he is awake for 12 hours, makes this 1440 times per day.

Oh no! Oh yes.


eblonde said...

THat sounds like hard work, although all of those words have got to be far better than the dreaded 'no'

frogs+sprogs said...

It's not too bad, we don't get the 'no' too often but I'm sure that will change ...