14 July 2009

Shoes, shoes, shoes

Two more orders have gone out today. The ice cream T-Shirt is now becoming a firm favourite, and two sleep suits will shortly be making their way to Germany - wohoo!

I've also had my first wholesale inquiry, another website that wants to feature my products which is quite exciting, let's see what comes of it.

There is no space in my living room at the moment because this is what you'll find on the floor ...

it makes me dizzy just looking at it. The end result will hopefully be a total of 35 pairs of baby shoes!

With all this work my fabric stash is dwindling and as a little treat I thought I could lift the ban that I had placed on new fabric acquisitions two months ago. I discovered the ladies at Saints & Pinners and couldn't resist ... and the parcel arrived today.

I'm actually planning to use these to cover some cardboard boxes that are used for storage in my studio.

So whilst I have been so busy that I would like the day to have 48 hours, here is my son's day in a few numbers:

- time he woke up: 6
- number of times he wanted to sit on the toilet between 3 and 5 pm: 5
- results: 0
- books read while sitting on said toilet: 20
- litres of milk he drank today: 1
- number of strawberries eaten: about 30
- number of times I had to rebuild the marble run after he knocked it down: 3

Time for bed ... and that's just me!

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