25 July 2009

Rich Pickings

It's already Saturday and I haven't blogged at all this week - it's been such a busy week with orders coming in and family visiting that I've hardly had time for anything else. Except today when the weather was lovely and it actually felt like summer again. Our fruit trees were mostly bare last year but it looks as if it's going to be a whole different story this year ... in fact I think I'll need to think about storage for all those apples soon. If you're in the area, stop by and I'll send you on your way with a kilo of apples and pears. I will spend tomorrow browsing my books looking for appropriate recipes.

Remember I mentioned those personalised T-Shirts? Well they seem to be flying of the shelves, I think I'll choose a few more fabrics this week for them to have more varierty. Here are a few that have gone out this week:

I've also had to source for a new fabric for a third crayon roll that would go with the two star fabrics so these three will be going in the post on Monday:

I haven't done my usual Etsy trawl this week but I have ordered a hoodie for Luca from this lovely lady at kitschycoo, she makes fabulous children clothing and has a sale on at the moment so go and have a look whilst I retire to the sofa with that bowl of plums.


The wife of bold said...

ohh how i wished i lived near by - those apples sound appealing, good luck with all the baking :)

frogs+sprogs said...

thank you, there are loads more, and pears, and plums, and cherries ...