10 July 2009

Somehow I Don't Think This Would Sell

This morning I managed to finish a new design, I had tried out a few other airplane shapes but this one just seems to work best. I always only get a few seconds to take the photo before Luca runs off into the garden or wipes his nose on the sleeve, which I don't think would help selling it. But in any case I don't think this photo would help selling it ...

Luckily he is quickly getting the hang of all this posing malarky.

Friday is 'our' day where we usually have a lazy morning, go to playgroups or the farmers market, and since there were no plans for the afternoon I was very glad when a friend suggested a trip to the beach. It was far too windy and soon three crying toddlers discovered that sand in their eyes really wasn't a good idea but luckily we managed to find a secluded space.

Off to see 'Revolutionary Road' tonight although I fear it might be a little too depressing for a Friday evening?

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