20 July 2009

The Pink Room Is No More

Wow, what a busy week-end it has been! And it involved a lot of paint. The little man and I made our way to Homebase on Saturday morning and for a while it looked like the room was going to be painted in 'White Apple'. But for the simple fact that the colour had run out, the room is now painted in 'White Apricot' and it's lovely. The final touches were applied this morning and I think I might actually move my little sweatshop in there because I like the room so much now.

So whilst the man of the house was busy painting upstairs, I decided to tackle a different project in the kitchen - for weeks I had planned to paint the blackboard in the kitchen with magnetic paint and it was finally done yesterday. And with all this painting going on around him, Luca decided to get in on the action and paint my hands. At least that was easy to wash off, it could have been far worse, given that painting is one of his favourite pass-times a the moment.

Obviously we couldn't get through the week-end without the few odd tears so here is Luca discovering a hole in his sock for the very first time:

Checking that the sock monster hadn't bitten his toe off:

and all was well in the end.

And whilst you're reading this I am working on some new designs for lovely personalised T-Shirts so hopefully I can show them off here tomorrow. Now that's what I call a reason to come back!

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